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Las Cuatro Torres (The Four Towers)


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A sentimental, football-loving crime novel. And a very well-written one.Arturo Pérez-Reverte

The metaphore about the four towers of Mordor is a brilliant move’. Lorenzo Silva

Specially recommended to Real Madrid fans, football supporters and thriller lovers. Very funny indeed!Juan Gómez Jurado

Some books should never be over. This year’s revelation.’ Juan Carlos Laviana, El Mundo

A first novel that seems to be the work of a noir novel master writer.’ Miguel Munárriz, Dos Passos

A crime novel about Mourinho’s Real Madrid.’ Marca

The search of a mole inside Real Madrid made into a novel.’ El Mundo Deportivo

‘Las Cuatro Torres promises to be reach Real Madrid’s dressing room and VIP box… Cristiano, Casillas and even Shayk have cameos. From here to heaven.’ Esther L. Calderón, Divinity

This season’s phenomenon. A twist to the noir genre.’ Rodrigo Rivero, Librería Lé

Football and literature are not an uncongenial match. Here’s an engaging pitch-black noir thriller that plunges deep into the underbelly of the Galáctico club.’ Miguel Lorenci, El Correo

A swift and emotional thriller that boasts above all a great character.’ Alberto Ortiz, eldiario.es

A picture of ambitiousness, power, lies and fear.’ Rodrigo Pérez Barredo, Diario de Burgos

A good shot of literary entertainment and good writing.’ Jesús F. Úbeda, Libertad Digital

A really fun novel.’ María Alonso, blogger



Leandro Pérez (Burgos, 1972) had kept his books in a box until yesterday. A writer and a journalist among other occupations, he has worked in Madrid at El Mundo, is a cofounder of trestristestigres.com, a firm that has run numerous online projects, often journalistic and cultural.

Other than blogs, columns and dossiers, Leandro Pérez has also written a couple of narratives that will never be published and several first chapters that he may resume someday. Some of them star Juan Torca, the hero of Las Cuatro Torres, his first novel.

He is a runner, like Torca, but has not started smoking yet.



‘Opaque under the shining stars, Juan Torca returned from the Aral Sea with a withered soul and a bruised body. He landed at Madrid and checked into a ramshackle hotel.’ So begins Las Cuatro Torres, by Leandro Pérez (Burgos, 1972), the first novel starring Juan Torca. ‘A sentimental, football-loving black novel. And a very well-written one’, according to Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

The story begins when Torca is commissioned with the task of finding out which Real Madrid player is feeding confidential information to a journalist. In the autumn 2011, Mourinho’s Real Madrid are chaining an impressive run of victories but are down in a game that is not played with a ball. “You must find that fucking mole who is feeding Ramón Ribeyro all that’s going on in the Real Madrid dressing room,” they ask him. Will Torca catch the mole?

But who is Juan Torca? A mercenary, a secret agent, a killer? Once he settles in Madrid, he is a castaway who lives in a hotel room and runs at El Retiro. Everything will change when he reencounters Javier Marsé, an old friend from the wild years in one of the Four Towers. And when Nerea, a young hotel receptionist, and Adriana, Marsé’s wife, cross his path.

Las Cuatro Torres, Leandro Pérez’s literary debut, is a masterfully crafted crime novel, a gripping and exciting thriller that you will not be able to put down.

Set in Madrid in 2011, even though actual newspaper clippings, statements and pictures are included and real events are interspersed in this novel, all the facts described in it are fiction – the least virtual of realities.

References to the 15-M terrorist attacks, the electoral campaign between Rajoy and Rubalcaba and ETA’s ceasefire can be traced in Las Cuatro Torres. There are races at El Retiro and La Behobia. There’s a city derby and a clásico, there are goals and blows. There are cameos of Pérez-Reverte and Cristiano Ronaldo. There are tributes and nods to writers such as Vázquez Montalbán or Murakami, to series like The Sopranos or Rome, to musicians like Joaquín Sabina, Love of Lesbian or Quique González…

But above all, there is a character that has landed at Madrid and is bound to stay: Juan Torca.


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